I submitted Daisychains of Silence to Legend Press a month ago, and the more I discover about the company’s innovative, accessible approach and the fresh, original books they publish, the more I believe they would be the perfect home for Daisychains.

I’m reminded of one of my first authonomy reviews, when highly respected writer and reviewer, Maria Bustillos, author of Dorkismo, and co-founder of Booksquawk, said of Daisychains:

“WOW I’m in love, I’m in love love love. I have mowed through such a lot of manuscripts here, which can be a little discouraging sometimes, so it’s just such an absolute JOY to find this beautifully written, sensitive, freaky, cool, wonderful book. Ms. Mair. It’s some of the loveliest, most polished and elegant prose I’ve seen on here. I would buy this in a heartbeat. I love Daisy. She breaks your heart from the first moment. How she is with her mom, with Joanna, it’s so believable, so warm despite all the pain and weirdness …

Also the themes of sewing, needles, weaving … women. I grew up with seamstresses and even the way you describe cutting thread and knotting the end is so truthful, and just right somehow. Not a false note anywhere and so perceptive and wonderfully observant.”

Fingers crossed that Legend Press agree!