Earlier in the year Andrew Blackman, author of On the Holloway Road, took time to stop by my website and read the first three chapters of Daisychains of Silence. I was thrilled to bits, and spurred on by his encouraging comments. The original review is now buried at the end of Chapter three so I’ve copied it here:

‘I really enjoyed reading these three chapters. I loved in the first chapter how the narrative moved so slowly, almost lulling me to sleep with the peaceful sewing in front of the fire before suddenly unleashing a very powerful and haunting image that fully merited the long build-up. Similarly in chapter three, the assault at boarding school and the husband’s betrayal are dropped in between mundane things like cooking sausages and watching pink roses trellised up the wall. The combination of everyday lightness with sudden bouts of real darkness worked really well.”

I found the tense shifts in chapters one and three a little jarring, but that was all – everything else worked for me. Best of luck with finding an agent or publisher for your work! I’m sure it’s a matter of time (and persistence, and a little luck!).”