Oops, this is out of date – I am a cat lover with a new kitten! See Bubble, on front page.:)


A cat lover currently without a cat, I grew up on the west coast of Scotland immersed in a world of spilled inkwells and clicking typewriters, ash dropping from forgotten cigarettes perched on top of piles of books. When I wasn’t hiding among the musty bookshelves you’d likely find me by the seashore sitting on the jetty with my nose in a book, or up a tree daydreaming a story of my own.

Nowadays I live in the Oxfordshire countryside with my husband. Our family used to consist of adored cats, an uncertain number of hamsters and a manic border collie, but sadly they don’t live forever. Our two children are grown and I’m still getting used to the house being so quiet. Sometime soon I’d like a new tabby kitten to restore a healthy dose of chaos but until then I’m finding the silence strange but rather wonderful. Perfect for daydreaming and writing.

I am proud to hold the copyright to my father’s works. Alistair Mair was an award-winning novelist in the 1950s – 1970s and was the president of Scottish PEN from 1965 – 1970. A new edition of The Ripening Time is available on Kindle, revised and adapted by Catherine MacLeod from the original novel of the same title by Alistair Mair, first published by William Heinemann in 1970,  in 1972 released in paperback entitled The Tomato Man.

Catherine MacLeod is a pen name I adopted in memory of my grandmothers, Catherine Robertson and Dorothy MacLeod.

In spite of the frankly astonishing sales of my first novel Daisychains of Silence (independently published straight to Kindle) I will probably seek representation for my current project when the time comes. A historical ‘time-slip’ novel set in the medieval period and the present day, it deals with a social and environmental issue that concerns us all. I can’t give too much away because I honestly think it’s a unique concept, wrapped up in a fantastic story. All I have to do is write the darn thing…

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