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Yes, it’s fiction. And yes, it’s needlework, but neither quite as we know it.

Many of the ideas and concepts within the pages of this novel stem from my experience – the need to ‘keep it stitched’, probably the most powerful theme that runs throughout the novel.

Secrets are a burden, lies are worse.  I kept silent for too many years, even after certain family truths were uncovered. Lies can cause chaos to those unknowingly trapped in the ‘protective’ veil of anothers’ deceit,  spiralling them into a vortex of mental illness, self-harm, suicide and early death – consequences that may reverberate through generations of a family.

Daisychains of Silence is a work of fiction which illustrates how forgiveness trancends all hurts, accommodates the seemingly unbearable, and cuts pain off it its source. Daisy struggles to get there, but get there she does, growing through her experiences and learning acceptance along the way.

I am not Daisy, and the events and characters in the story are fictitious, borne of my imagination. My life experiences led me to the story.


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